Thursday, 24 May 2012

It's been ages

Hi there to all my new followers, and I must start with an apology. It's been ages since I last posted, things have been a little up in the air lately, what with one of my friends going through a tough time at the moment and another friend recovering from a second knee op, life is a little hectic you might say. Just when I think I might have time to myself I end up ferrying my son about because his car has decided to die. Oh well that's life I suppose. Anyway I did manage to make a card in recognition of what my friend with cancer is going through at the moment, hope you all like it.  It's made with my favourite dies (although I say that each time I use a different die lol) these ones are the Parisian Accents, very delicate dies and they give a lovely lacey feel I think.  This 'Booby Love' image is from pop over and take a look at Krista's images if you don't already visit, she is an absolutely amazing artist.
For those of you that may be interested I have taken the plunge and bought some promarkers, quite a nice selection to start with, and I will be adding some flexmarkers in a little while I think, I am having fun playing with them, but not ready to show my results just yet and I will take years of practice before I am ever as good as you lot.  Anyway that's all for this visit, heaven know's when I'll be back again. See you soon I hope. Linda xxx

Tuesday, 1 May 2012

Sunshine on a rainy day

Hello everyone, I'm in a bit of a sad mood today, I've recently found out that a very dear friend of mine has cancer.  It's at times like this that you have to be positive for the friend but at the same time I'm worried sick about the outcome, it is making me feel sick with worry, so while waiting for a phone call from her this morning to tell me about visiting times at the hospital, I just had to distract myself and make this card, which will be her birthday card.  So I have choosen a bright card with sunny colours on it hopefully to cheer her up a bit, as she is feeling rubbish alot of the time with all the chemo drugs.  I hope you like it, it's spellbinders again I'm afraid, but they are my favourite.

And here's a picture of some cupcakes I made as well, still on the cheering up theme.