Thursday, 16 August 2012

Not everything is black and white

Good morning everyone, hope this day finds you all well and that the weather is not too bad wherever you are in this country at least, I think the rest of the world are having better weather than us at the mo.
The card I have posted today "Not everything is black and white" is actually Navy and White, but the play on words is meant for my dear friend, who you may remember if you read my earlier posts had been diagnosed with breast cancer.  Well after 6 months backwards and forwards with her to hospital for chemo and the hours involved in that (I must say I never knew it took so long) well anyway the outcome was not as we had hoped for and it was decided that they should remove the breast.  Many tears and soul seaching later and trying to convince her it was for the best, she went through with it last Wednesday and is now on the road to recovery from the op.  I am hopefully that she will now start to get better and come to terms with her body, I can only imagine what she must be feeling.  Although I myself have not had any such problems, I tend to be of the type of person that says if you can live without something then do it, but I know it's not that cut and dry for alot of people.  Now we have an anxious wait for the first test results as apparently the lump took up most of the breast so they had to go quite deep to remove it all.  On the plus side she seems to be well in herself and still has her sense of humour, essential I think to help get you through things like this.

Enough of my life at the moment, and on to the card, it's made with my spellbinder dies again (sorry but I do like them)
Border - Persian Accents
Flowers - Sprial Blossom 3 & Bitty Blossoms
Leaves - Foliage S4 & Memory Box Lorelai leaf

Hope you like it, have a good day and thank you for any comments.

Tuesday, 7 August 2012

Nearly there!!!!!

Hi there to all my lovely followers and a special warm welcome to my new followers and thank you all so much for all your lovely comments.
Just a quick progress update, we are nearly there now finished decorating and started to put everything back in.  It all looks lovely and tidy at the moment, unfortunately it won't stay that way once my craft stuff goes back in - Oh how I wish I had a craft room.  But I'd have to evict one of the off spring to achieve that - don't tempt me lol.
Anyway, hope you are all keeping well, hope the weather is kind to you wherever you are in the world.  It's been raining here again!!! can there be anymore water up there I ask. 
We are doing so well in the Olympics fantastic effort by Team GB already exceeding the total of medals from Beijing, well done to all of them.
Will be back again soon.
Take care of yourselves.

Linda xxx

Thursday, 2 August 2012

Hi there

This is just a quick hello and welcome to all my new followers, thank you for stopping by and I hope you like what you see.
I am unable to make any cards at the moment as the area I use namely the dining room is being decorated by hubby, so all crafting goodies have had to be packed away and whips brought out to keep him at it so I can put everything back as soon as possible. 
I hope you are all having a good Olympic summer, I know I am.  It's great to be cheering team GB on isn't it?  They are all doing so well.  The weather has been it's usual unsettled self, although personally I prefer it now it's not quite so hot.
Hope to be back to normal again soon.
Linda xxx