Thursday, 1 March 2012

My first time

Welcome to my blog, this is the first time I have ever done anything like this (and will probably be the last). 


  1. Hi Linda , dont despare I thought the same way for a long while" Im not going to blog " then I bit the bullet and started blogging two weeks ago.
    Everyone is so kind and helpful , you should show your work for us all to see.
    There is a fab blog run by Kathleen she has many of the blog answers there and I found all her advice invaluable when I set up.
    Have a look , she explains lot's of our questions on HOW TO ? .Her blog is :

    Give it a try .
    Hugs Elaine

    1. thanks for that Elaine, I have just had a quick look at Kathleen's blog and it looks very useful thanks again, hopefully I will say watch this space time permitting of course, bye for now.

  2. Hope you do give it a try , take care, thanks for replying.
    hugs Elaine

  3. Hi Linda hope you are well ...where are your creations then?
    Dont be shy , after 7 weeks I am so glad I started blogging I am having so much fun, and so can you . Hugs Elaine